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Worst Boyband Ever: Upside Down


Upside Down is a music group created when two record executives wanted to find a group to challenge the group Take That in 1995. Obviously, that didn’t happen, because Upside Down is not around anymore, and Take That is still relevant. There were 7,000 men who applied and auditioned to be in the group. Of those people, Chris Leng, Giles Kristian, Jamie Browne, and Richard Micallef, would become the band Upside Down. 

The record executives were actively looking for people without experience. This seems counterintuitive when looking to take down one of the most successful boy bands in the UK. This was one of the last shots for these record executives who have been unsuccessful in 10 years. Their point was to find 4 boys next door that people could relate to nothing too flashy, or anyone who is overly talented. 

BBC made a whole documentary about them and their journey; A Transcript of the Show Here. They took a song that was written for Bad Boys Inc. My Review of Bad Boys Inc is called Change My Mind. Both groups, who are equally bad, both released this song. It peaked at number 12. There were four other songs that hit the top 20 of the UK charts, and then the record company went bankrupt. 

The band would regroup and then become Orange Orange. They had no other success after that and disbanded. Giles Kristian became a historical fiction novelist.


Oh, this group is rough. They didn’t choose people based on anything but their looks and seeming wholesome. The video Never Found a Love Like This Before is something else. It is questionable, and there really is one person who can sing like the other groups. This video is very reminiscent of many in the 90s where they are on a beach with Sepia tones. It gets uncomfortable when they are a little friendly and overtly sexual with each other. 

There is a singer at the end, I don’t know who, that is openly flat. They heard the song, had it mixed and produced, and still didn’t fix it. I don’t know if he couldn’t hit the note or not but then change the song. Don’t just continue to show the fact that he can’t sing. It is not pleasurable to listen to. This band really confuses me, because I don’t know how they ever made it on the charts. They just aren’t that great. 

Final Thoughts:

How Bad Are They?

They are rough. They are awkward. It is embarrassing to watch. 

Should They Come Back?

I think they are better off just staying away. It is for the best. 

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