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Worst Boyband Ever: Bad Boys Inc.


Bad Boys Inc is another 90s boy band. They were formed in 1993 in London, England by a record producer. The members were: David Ross, Matthew Pateman, Tony Dowding, and Ally Begg. These 4 gentlemen were all in their 20s when they decided ‌they were going to embark into boybandhood. 

There isn’t a lot known about the band. They had a top 10 hit in the UK with their single “More to this World”. The band put out 1 album, which peaked at number 14 on the UK pop charts. All of their 6 singles charted in the top 20 in the UK. They had success internationally and won the award of Best Newcomer from award shows in Denmark and Finland in 1994. 

This was all short-lived though, as, by 1995, the band was over. The reason for their breakup is unknown. David Ross would end up being a director and producer of many films.



Oh man, this band. There are so many things to talk about. Let’s start with the single “More to this World”. They truly understood that one person was talented at singing and the rest were just mediocre. That is fine, but he is literally the only one singing. I am pretty sure that the others are not singing at all the entire time, just lip-syncing and they dubbed other vocals in. The dancing in this video is hilarious! Overall, it is just a strange song and video. 

The best video, that is just *chefs kiss* is “Walking on Air”. Imagine the worst green screen possible, acting like these boys are floating in the air, and then this woman that is very God-like is just watching them. It is a ridiculous video. 

Overall, they were bogged down by bad videos and not great vocals. They are better live than they are in their videos. It still is just one person who is very talented, while the rest are just bad B-Boys.

Final Thoughts

How Bad Are They?


My friend and I sat laughing for a good 10 minutes just about this one screen grab from one of their videos. 

So many questions. We are pretty sure this is a bodyguard in their band t-shirt, with a pig that they probably sell as merchandise. Why is this added to a music video? Yes, they are that bad. It is rough. 

Should they come back? 


Please come back! I want ‌these terrible boy bands to come back. That would be the best worst concert ever.  

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