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Your Guide to 90s Sitcom Thanksgiving Episodes

Thanksgiving is upon us! Now is the time to watch all of those amazing episodes of television from the 90s. I have compiled an exhaustive list of sitcoms that you can stream. Sorry if it isn’t on streaming, I didn’t include it. (Super sad to not put Two Guys and A Girl with baby Ryan… Continue reading Your Guide to 90s Sitcom Thanksgiving Episodes

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Remember This? More Commercials!

ZooBooks: Who doesn’t remember ZooBooks? They were an amazing magazine subscription you could get to learn about new animals. I had a subscription for a while. They were made for kids that were 6-12 years old. Each issue had different games and puzzles, a lot like Highlights but also had information on animals. They… Continue reading Remember This? More Commercials!

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Hello Nurse: Animaniacs (1993)

In a world where Stephen Spielberg made E.T and Jurassic Park, the same man produced Animaniacs. I know right, kind of strange. Animaniacs originally aired from 1993-to 1998. Warner Bros wanted Stephen Spielberg to be a part and create an animated movie. Instead of making a movie, Spielberg with Jean MacCurdy would create Tiny Toon… Continue reading Hello Nurse: Animaniacs (1993)