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Come On and Zoom! (1999)

When I was growing up, I would come home from school, and turn on PBS, and on there was Dragon Tales. But after Dragon Tales, a live-action children’s television program that was filled with skits, crafts, games, and more, Zoom. I would watch this show every day for years and years because I wanted to… Continue reading Come On and Zoom! (1999)

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One-Hit Wonders of the 90s: 1996

In the 90s, there were so many One-Hit Wonders that happened. Some bands just made those nostalgic hits that we remember, but we heard nothing else from them that was popular. We are going to look back on some of the most popular One-Hit Wonders from the year 1996. Now, to clarify, One-Hit Wonders does… Continue reading One-Hit Wonders of the 90s: 1996

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Remember This? 00s Commercial Edition

We are looking at even more commercials that are just so memorable. This time we are talking about 00s commercials. Chia Pet (2003): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO5a7CAlPf8 Didn’t we all wish that we had a Chia Pet in the back in the day? Chia Pets were very cool back in the day, and these commercials were everywhere. They… Continue reading Remember This? 00s Commercial Edition

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Life Simulation at Its Finest: The Sims (2000)

For my 30th birthday post, I thought it would be great to post about my favorite computer game of the early 00s, The Sims. (I still play today) I have memories of playing this on my Windows 98 computer, after school, with the sun shining, on my terrible Ikea desk, while listening to Play, the… Continue reading Life Simulation at Its Finest: The Sims (2000)

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90s Fashion Trends You Want to Forget About

Not everyone makes great fashion choices. There were a lot of bad fashion trends in the 90s. We want to forget about them, but let’s take a trip down memory lane. JNCO Jeans: JNCO was founded in 1985. They were known for their elaborate designs on the pockets and the very large pant legs. They… Continue reading 90s Fashion Trends You Want to Forget About

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Where are they Now?

Where are They Now? Macaulay Culkin

One of the most successful child stars of the 90s was Macaulay Culkin. Between movies and TV, it was tough for you not to see him everywhere. He has fallen off the radar in the last few years, so let’s figure out where he is… History: Macaulay Culkin started acting in the 80s. His first… Continue reading Where are They Now? Macaulay Culkin

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Can you Figure it Out (1997)

Background: Imagine a show where kids bring their secrets, and kids show celebrities are trying to guess their secrets. Oh, and there’s slime! Put that all together and you have Figure It Out. This was a game show presented by Nickelodeon in Nickelodeon Studios, Florida. At first glance, the show's premise is excellent. Kids get… Continue reading Can you Figure it Out (1997)

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Remember This? Even More Commercials

We are back with even more commercials that you should remember or should bring some memories back. Toys R' Us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vUEKQQm-rY Don’t we all remember the lost toy store, Toys R’ Us? This iconic jingle was used for many commercials and was a song we all knew growing up. This outstanding commercial shows kids that… Continue reading Remember This? Even More Commercials

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Worst Boyband Ever: Upside Down

Background: Upside Down is a music group created when two record executives wanted to find a group to challenge the group Take That in 1995. Obviously, that didn’t happen, because Upside Down is not around anymore, and Take That is still relevant. There were 7,000 men who applied and auditioned to be in the group.… Continue reading Worst Boyband Ever: Upside Down