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Remember This? More Commercials!


Who doesn’t remember ZooBooks? They were an amazing magazine subscription you could get to learn about new animals. I had a subscription for a while. They were made for kids that were 6-12 years old. Each issue had different games and puzzles, a lot like Highlights but also had information on animals. They stopped producing magazines in 2015. The commercials were nostalgic to say the least.


Oh, the Sponge monkeys. One of the weirdest commercials of all time. Quiznos changed their way of advertising and in the early 2000s created the sponge monkeys commercial. This commercial actually started the downfall of Quiznos as people thought it was a strange and annoying choice. It was actually based on a British animator, but even that wasn’t good enough to save this strange, terrible ad.

Slim Jim:

Can you snap into a Slim Jim? That was the question of “Macho Man” Randy Savage during all the commercials he did for Slim Jim. There was always a dull party or something dull happening where Macho Man would come in, and save the day with a meat stick. Slim Jim ‌put their time and faith into the then WWF, and their popularity to have The Ultimate Warrior and Savage create commercials though, Savage’s would become much more popular. 

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  1. I wanted those Zoobooks so bad as a kid! And that Quiznos commercial made me vow never to set foot in one ever.

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