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Remember This? Even More Toys!

We are back even more with toys that are from the 90s and early 00s that were just great!

VideoNow Portable Video Player (2003):


Possibly the worst and most useless toy since the Hit Clip was the Video Now! This toy had a small screen and a huge player for you to watch a tv show. It started in black and white, and then they had a color version. The player skipped a lot, because it was not as good as a cd player. There were portable DVD players ‌‌so this invention didn’t need to be made. It was a more expensive, very niche product. The CDS used in this player could not be used for anything else. A lot of us had them, but they were not even worth it.

Disney Handheld Games (1989):

aladdin handeld game

Starting in 1989, Disney and Tiger Electronics created handheld LCD games that were produced. The first game was “Oliver and Company” themed. These games had a very simple concept but were very hard to complete and master. They had different levels that were Mario-esque. You would have to move and jump over objects in a variety of different levels. They continued to make these games until 1997. The games were so aggravating, but we had to beat the levels! Aladdin Gameplay

Password Journal:

password journal

The Password Journal, a great invention that was flawed. There were so many versions of the Password Journal, we are specifically talking about the Girl Tech Password Journal. This was a voice-activated journal, and you had to say your password in it. There was a journal inside with a few pages to write in. In 1999 it was in the top 10 list for best-selling toys. This was best used by kids that had nosey siblings if you could get into it. Sometimes the voice activation didn’t work. Overall, so much fun playing around and changing the password. 

Do you remember these toys? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I don’t remember the other two, but I loved the Tiger Disney handhelds! That Aladdin one you have pictured was my favorite.

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