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Remember This? Even More Commercials

We are back with even more commercials that you should remember or should bring some memories back.

Toys R’ Us:

Don’t we all remember the lost toy store, Toys R’ Us? This iconic jingle was used for many commercials and was a song we all knew growing up. This outstanding commercial shows kids that were in commercials growing up. This was so reminiscent of all of us. I remember going to Toys R’ Us as a kid and then going when I was older. I understand why they shut down, but it was such an iconic store, and always had iconic commercials.


Folger’s had another really memorable jingle that was in all of their commercials. I don’t know why this commercial sticks out in my mind. The river dancing is great, and is a really uplifting commercial. Folger’s has a lot of uplifting commercials. They always make me think I don’t do enough because everyone is so active there. For someone who doesn’t like coffee, this commercial is nostalgic.

Doodle Bears:

I owned a Doodle Bear. I vividly remember these commercials. This was a spawn of one of my many nicknames. I am still called “Doodle Bear” to this day. This song is seared into my memory. The bear didn’t work as well as it said, but the commercial is great. Also, that washing machine looks so old! The jingle is truly great! 

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Do you remember these? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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1 thought on “Remember This? Even More Commercials”

  1. Great commercials!

    Toys R Us was always a favorite while growing up. I’m glad I could shop at Babies R Us for my first kid. Before we got pregnant the second time, they shut down. Miss it so much!

    I don’t remember that particular Folgers commercial, but I do remember the “best part of waking up” bit.

    I remember the Doodle Bear, my sister had one. You’re right, it never worked out as well as you’d want it to. Great jingle as well. I didn’t realize this until just now, but its a remake of the Wanderer song from the 50s! I only know that song because of Fallout 4.

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