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Remember this? Commercial Edition

Orbit Gum

“You Lint Licker” Don’t we all remember this wonderful commercial that came out in 2007? It feels like it was so long ago. I definitely said, “What the French Toast” all the time after this. It also made us really want to buy the gum just for that. I think I actually bought Orbit Gum after this.


When I think of McDonald’s commercials, this was the first commercial that came to mind. To this day, I remember what is on a Big Mac from this commercial. This commercial came out in 2003 when the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out. I can’t believe Pirates is almost 20 years old!

Baby Bottle Pop

Baby Bottle Pops! This was a candy I never had, but I remember the commercial and jingle like it was yesterday. It was made in 1998, and was so iconic that in 2017 they asked millennials to recreate the jingle for a contest! This was definitely one for the ages. 

Do you remember these commercials? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

As always, Creating Nostalgia Millennial Style!

1 thought on “Remember this? Commercial Edition”

  1. Didn’t remember the first two, but as soon as I saw the third, the song was already running in my head before I played it.

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