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Remember This? Toys 00s Edition

We are looking at even more toys that are just so memorable from the 00s.

polly pocket

Polly Pocket:

You were the coolest if you had a Polly Pocket. Made by Bluebird Toys from 1983 to 1998, these small toys were easy to take with you and play. After 1998, Mattel took over creating Polly Pocket. They were tiny doll houses and dolls that were easy to take with you in your pocket, hence the name. Mattel created new characters and slightly larger dolls. In 2004, there was a movie created. In 2002, they stopped making Polly Pocket, but as of 2018, they were making a comeback! My grandma had these and I always played with them as a kid. They seemed like a choking hazard, though.

bop it

Bop It:

Everyone knew someone who had a Bop It. You may not have owned it yourself, but you had to play Bop it ‌in your childhood. In the 00s, there were only 3 functions on the Bop It; it was: twist, pull it, and bop it. You could get up to 200 points as the high score. In 1998, they created the Extreme version of the Bop It. This included Flick it, and Spin it, and added more modes to it. The Bop It is still made today, with many more functions. It truly has withstood the test of time. We all acted like we enjoyed the Bop It, but it was just a good time waster when someone was on the phone and you couldn’t use the internet. 

Rhett and Link did a hilarious video, including a new Bop It.

american girl

American Girl Dolls:

Honestly, I found these dolls creepy, but I had so many friends that loved these dolls. American Girl Dolls was started in 1986 by the Pleasant Company. This company would be yet another one that was overtaken by Mattel in 1998. The point of the dolls was to talk about historical events that happened through the girls. Each girl had a book that came with them and told a story. The dolls were diversified and talked about issues that were important, including war, poverty, child abuse, and slavery. In 2004, they started creating movies with the most popular American Girl Dolls. They still create dolls and content for dolls to this day. 

Do you remember these commercials? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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