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Remember This? 00s Commercial Edition

We are looking at even more commercials that are just so memorable. This time we are talking about 00s commercials.

Chia Pet (2003):

Didn’t we all wish that we had a Chia Pet in the back in the day? Chia Pets were very cool back in the day, and these commercials were everywhere. They would always have different Chia Pets, but really, they were just disembodied heads that had a garden living out of it. You could get them in unique characters. They were the same commercial for years and years but always had different heads that they chose as the Chia Pet.

Gushers (2003):

The Gushers 00s commercials where the heads turn into fruit are crazy! There were so many of them back then. To be honest, when I first saw the commercials I thought that my head could actually change, and didn’t want to eat them for a while. Then I realized it was a commercial and tried them. These commercials were so fun and memorable. This one with the karate, in particular, I remember like it was yesterday!

Pepsi (2001):

The Britney Pepsi 00s commercial we all wanted. Britney optimized the 90s, and so to bring in the new millennium Pepsi thought to bring her in to make a wonderful commercial. This is fun because you get to see different generations and costumes. Britney seems to have a really fun time. This was a commercial that was played a lot. Also, the jingle was oh-so memorable as most Pepsi commercials were. 

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Do you remember these commercials? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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1 thought on “Remember This? 00s Commercial Edition”

  1. I never got the point of a chia pet. Seems like a terrible product. But I wanted one anyway.

    That Gushers ad with the head changing was crazy. I loved Gushers, ate so many of them.

    Oh man, the Britney Spears Pepsi ad, loved it!

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