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What Was 90s Kids Television? Big Comfy Couch (1992)


There are few things that brought me so much enjoyment as a child than watching the Big Comfy Couch. There are also few things that brought my mom much more horror than watching the Big Comfy Couch. After watching last week’s Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars where Jaida Essence Hall fabulously recreated a reimagined Loonette from the Big Comfy Couch, it inspired me to re-watch and do a deep dive on this quirky show many of us loved so much. 

The Big Comfy Couch was a show that aired in 1992 and continued to air until 2006. The show follows Loonette, a child clown, and her doll Molly, and their journey on the oversized couch in the living room. The show was Canadian but was shown in many countries. 

The character of Loonette was originally played by Alyson Court. Court became too old for the role and the show got canceled. She was replaced in 2006 by Ramona Gilmour-Darling. There was a 4-year hiatus of the show from 2002 to 2006. 

The show was supposed to be an educational show for kids. There were segments that had alphabet games and a whole yoga section that was talking about clocks in each episode. The show itself was teaching kids about real-life problems and Loonette and Molly would solve them in a way for kids to understand. For example, Scrub a Dub is an entire episode about cleaning up a mess. 

Overall, this was just a short educational show just like any other in the 90s, just with a clown.


I understand why my mom was horrified. Believe me, I do. Clowns are scary to some, and overall this is a strange show. The intro was very cute. This episode that I watched was called Pie in the Sky. Loonette is talking about feeling heavy, with a gag about a bowling ball being on the couch. Molly, her doll, is trying to help her back onto the couch. 

Then there was the famous clock stretch. It made me feel like I should stretch more. I remember doing this as a kid, stretching like a clock. It was weird to watch as an adult. Then the couch made bubbles, and there was a bottle of bubble mix in the couch. None of this really fits together. 

Then, there was a very weird fever dream of Molly and Loonette in a bubble. This show is ‌extremely strange with everything not making much sense. Which I guess makes sense because kids don’t think logically all the time. There was a brick and bowling ball in the couch! What kind of couch was this? There were also scarves and a feather. Someone’s parent is not very clean to clean up the couch. 

Then, they played the alphabet game. The letter was A. After; it was story time with a spotlight. This was another moment that I remember a lot. Loonette reads a story with pictures that are shown on full screen. This was probably the best moment because it was educational and made sense. The story was called Pie in the Sky. 

Dust Bunnies made an appearance under the couch. Again reiterating that there is no cleaning happening in this house. Major Bedhead is a mailman that is also a clown who rides a unicycle. He brings Loonette a package as Molly the doll is floating away. The package was an elephant nose. We’re ¾ of the way through the episode and this is quite the experience. I understand this is for kids, but this is a bit strange. 

They get Molly from the sky by using the teeter-totter and Major Bedhead just stands up to get her. Molly is funny with the thought bubbles that come up. 

Then it’s Loonette’s Dance Academy where she dances with a rag doll. It honestly is kind of creepy. I can see dancing with a doll but not a full size doll that is the size of her. 

She shows kids ‌they need to clean up by doing a 10-second tidy. Though she just throws everything back in the couch. Then, they end in a nap. What a strange show. You know, I understand why my mom was horrified. It is quite a weird show. 

Final Thoughts

Does it hold up?


This show is strange. Kids these days would be very confused by this girl and her doll. 

Nostalgia Rating:


I’m sure there are those that don’t remember this show. I do, as do many people. It is nostalgic with the clock stretch and story time, but not much else is memorable. 

Do you remember this show? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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