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Remember This? Toys 00s Edition

We are looking at even more toys that are just so memorable from the 00s. Polly Pocket: You were the coolest if you had a Polly Pocket. Made by Bluebird Toys from 1983 to 1998, these small toys were easy to take with you and play. After 1998, Mattel took over creating Polly Pocket. They… Continue reading Remember This? Toys 00s Edition


Greatest Non-Disney Movie? Anastasia (1997)

Background While Disney was killing the animated movie game for years and was making truly cinematic masterpieces in the 90s (I mean, Lion King!) other production companies were trying to compete. There are a few companies that were trying to make game-changing movies, Universal, DreamWorks, Goldcrest, Pixar, and 20th Century Fox, to name a few. … Continue reading Greatest Non-Disney Movie? Anastasia (1997)