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Comedy Shows of the 90s

One of the greatest things about the 90s was the sketch/improv comedy that was available on television. With All That for children, there were so many choices for adults. Today, we are going to look back at 3 of those options, MadTV, Saturday Night Live, and Whose Line is it Anyway. MadTV MadTV was a… Continue reading Comedy Shows of the 90s

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Your Guide to 90s Sitcom Thanksgiving Episodes

Thanksgiving is upon us! Now is the time to watch all of those amazing episodes of television from the 90s. I have compiled an exhaustive list of sitcoms that you can stream. Sorry if it isn’t on streaming, I didn’t include it. (Super sad to not put Two Guys and A Girl with baby Ryan… Continue reading Your Guide to 90s Sitcom Thanksgiving Episodes

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Come On and Zoom! (1999)

When I was growing up, I would come home from school, and turn on PBS, and on there was Dragon Tales. But after Dragon Tales, a live-action children’s television program that was filled with skits, crafts, games, and more, Zoom. I would watch this show every day for years and years because I wanted to… Continue reading Come On and Zoom! (1999)

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Can you Figure it Out (1997)

Background: Imagine a show where kids bring their secrets, and kids show celebrities are trying to guess their secrets. Oh, and there’s slime! Put that all together and you have Figure It Out. This was a game show presented by Nickelodeon in Nickelodeon Studios, Florida. At first glance, the show's premise is excellent. Kids get… Continue reading Can you Figure it Out (1997)

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We’ll Solve Any Crime By Dinnertime: The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley (1994)

Background: Mary Kate and Ashley were a dynasty within the 80s-00s. Anyone and everyone knew who the Olsen twins were. Between being Michelle on Full House, and being in many movies, they were two of the biggest stars of the 90s. They had 7 movies and 2 television series that went straight to VHS and… Continue reading We’ll Solve Any Crime By Dinnertime: The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley (1994)

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Hey Football Head! Hey Arnold! (1996)

Background Hey Arnold is one of my favorite animated tv shows as a child. Hey Arnold was a Nickelodeon show in the mid-90s about elementary school children and their everyday life. Following Arnold, an only child that is living with his grandparents, he navigates life as a 4th grader at PS 118. With a classroom… Continue reading Hey Football Head! Hey Arnold! (1996)

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Do You Have it? Nickelodeon Guts (1992)

In a world of American Ninja Warrior, and Wipeout, Millennials had Nickelodeon Guts. A show that would bring together athleticism, strange games, and a very large climbing mountain all for a chance to win a large piece of said mountain. Yes, that is all that you win, a glowing piece of rock that isn’t actually… Continue reading Do You Have it? Nickelodeon Guts (1992)

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Hello Nurse: Animaniacs (1993)

In a world where Stephen Spielberg made E.T and Jurassic Park, the same man produced Animaniacs. I know right, kind of strange. Animaniacs originally aired from 1993-to 1998. Warner Bros wanted Stephen Spielberg to be a part and create an animated movie. Instead of making a movie, Spielberg with Jean MacCurdy would create Tiny Toon… Continue reading Hello Nurse: Animaniacs (1993)

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All That! The Kid’s Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live is a widely popular program of sketch comedy that has been around since the 1970s. Through that, there have been many tv shows that have come and gone to ‌replicate it: Mad TV, Chappelle Show, Key and Peele, SCTV of others. The only kid version that tried to replicate it was All… Continue reading All That! The Kid’s Saturday Night Live