Another Forgotten Boyband: BBMak

BBMak was a boy band in the late 90s and early 00s. Most of us have probably heard one song from them. They had a short but mighty career. Let’s look back on who they were, why they were famous, and where they are now…


BBMak comprises 3 members L-R, Mark Barry, Christian Burns, and Stephen McNally. They played with different bands in Northern England, then met each other and created a group together. The group’s name is a mixture of all of their last names. 

The group had a debut single “Back Here”, which was 37 in the UK charts, but they would receive much better success in the United States. The group was at a Disney Channel concert in 1999, and two weeks later their album was number 36 on the Billboard Top 200. At its peak “Back Here” was number 13 on the Billboard top 100. 

Throughout their success, they would open for Britney Spears and NSYNC. They would appear on Even Stevens and All My Children. They would appear on The Princess Diaries Soundtrack, Peter Pan 2, and Treasure Planet Soundtracks. 

By 2003, their fame had dwindled, and the group disbanded amicably.

Where Are They Now?

After disbanding, Christian Burns attempted a solo career. He had two albums with mild success in England. Stephen McNally became a songwriter and then a solo artist. He became a coach for the Voice Kids in the UK after participating in the X Factor UK Series 4. Mark Barry became a physical trainer. 

In 2018 the group came together to create another album Powerstation. They also released The Lost Tapes, which includes B-Sides to some of their famous songs. You can check out all of their recent information here.

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  1. I love Back Here Baby and their song on the Treasure Planet soundtrack (Always Know Where You Are) was really good, still listen to them both sometimes.

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