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90s Food and Drinks You Probably Forgot About

Since the last post about computer games went so well, I thought we would talk about snacks. I loved 90s food and drinks and had a bunch of them in my household. My parents also loved snacks. These are some of my favorite food and drinks ‌people don’t talk about much, they were great!

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Wonder Ball:

The Wonder Ball, was a hollow chocolate ball that you had to crack open, and you would find a surprise inside. A lot of the surprises inside were toys or figurines. It was like a happy meal toy that you could get in a chocolate treat. The Wonder Ball was discontinued because it was deemed a choking hazard. There were 2 different iterations later on in the 2000s and in 2014, but inevitably it was discontinued again. The Wonder Ball was something that I always wanted when I was in the store and got from time to time, but was always a really cool treat. 

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Before there were Kool-Aid Bursts there was the Squeezit. Squeezit’s were made in 1985. They were juice that was put into a squeezable container that was a little difficult to open. The container made it easy to transport and was hard to spill. It was a great drink for kids. The flavors were creatively titled, Chucklin’ Cherry, Berry B Wild, and Grumpy Grape among others. The juice was only around until 2001. After making a few comebacks, it was discontinued. There wasn’t any juice like a Squeezit. It tasted fantastic, and Kool-Aid just couldn’t compare, yet they won out.

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Fruitopia is something that the Coca-Cola Company decided they were going to try in 1994. It was a fruit-flavored drink, based on trying to compete with Snapple. Fruitopia continued through 2003 when it was discontinued. It was never profitable for Coca-Cola because there were so many other fruit drinks on the market, and people weren’t looking for fruit drinks when they went to fast-food establishments. There was a Fruitopia vending machine in my middle school. I never actually used it. I drank it occasionally, and it was nothing different from any other fruit drink.

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Flintstone’s Push Ups

This was one of my favorite ice cream treats growing up. Nestle was making Push Up options for ice cream for a while. There are still Push Ups today. There isn’t a lot of information about the origin of the Push-Up, but the Flintstone ones were available starting in the 90s. They stopped production of them in the 2000s. All I know is that they were great, and I loved them dearly. 

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