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90s Fashion Trends You Want To Forget About 2

90s fashion is coming back in full force here in 2023, let’s look back and see what trends should not come back and stay buried in the 90s.

Roller Blades

roller blading

Rollerblading movies were all the rage in the 90s. Since this was such a thing, people wanted to wear rollerblades to go everywhere. This was so popular that Skechers made shoes that included wheels in them. While rollerblades can be efficient, we really shouldn’t be bringing back this trend. Not only is it odd looking, but it is also unsafe.

Frosted Tips

frosted tips

Frosted Tips were the big trend among musicians in the late 90s. Most boy band members and other pop and rock artists had their hair like this, and it looked unnatural and ridiculous. There is no need for “just the tip” to be frosted. Let’s just leave it in the past. 



Zubaz were the most ridiculous pants you will ever see. They were sweatpants with crazy patterns. Popularized by athletes, these pants and shorts were very popular throughout the 90s. There has been a rumbling that these pants might make a comeback, but let’s keep it in the past. They might have been comfortable but were very, very ugly.

Bucket Hats

bucket hat

Bucket hats have already made quite a comeback as of 2021, but why? They were popularized by celebrities as all of these previous trends have in the 90s fashion. They do come in many colors and sizes but don’t add to an outfit. It really just looks like you are trying to go fishing. 

What fashion trends do you want to see come back?

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  1. Loved roller blading! The first person I think of when frosted tips are mentioned is Justin Timerlake lol.

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