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90s Computer Games You May Have Forgotten About

After seeing this BuzzFeed Article for the best educational computer games of the 90s, I discovered they forgot a ton of great computer games that I played growing up. So I thought we would take a trip down memory lane…


The Learning Company was great back in the day! They continued Reader Rabbit, with a new fun computer game called ClueFinders. This was a group of 4 kids that would go on mysteries that were educational. In 1997 ClueFinders 3rd-grade Adventures came out. This was such a fun and challenging game. There would subsequently be other grades up to 6th grade in the following years. This game was a sleeper game but was so much fun!

Nancy Drew:

Another fantastic series of games that were created. Based on the book series, HER Entertainment made mystery games named after the books. The first game was released in 1997, Secrets can Kill. There would be 34 games after that, which would include the Hardy Boys and Bess and George. As of 2019, they are still creating games.

Sim Theme Park:

I can’t be the only one that played this game in 1999. The game was originally called Theme Park World, but in North America was called Sim Theme Park. This was another version of Roller Coaster Tycoon by a different company. Electronic Arts, the same company that now makes The Sims, made this amazing game. The greatest thing about this game is that the game was interactive. You could ride the rides and be a patron in your own park. There were also fun new worlds to unlock.

The Amazon Trail:

This game was so aggravating, but I still have vivid memories of this game. Specifically, shooting poison dart frogs and the music going down the Amazon River. This game was made in 1996 and started in Brazil and then you would go to the Hidden City. The problem was, you could get lost, you could die. It was MECC trying to create a game like the Oregon Trail, just abundantly harder. I’m pretty sure I finished this game maybe once or twice in the hundred times I played it. It is very educational and there was a sequel to it.

Do you remember these? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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